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  • Operated by Total Team

    Total Team is a family-affiliated company of Benchmark Development & Management. Total Team was established to focus on the operation and expansion of the NBA Plazyones.
    Composed of an experienced team in the fields of children's playground, retail and youth training, Total Team is currently responsible for operating 4 NBA Playzone growth centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu.

    Helping children develop physically and mentally through fun activities and games

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    NBA Playzone is an NBA-themed indoor playground that brings active, sports-themed fun to families. The playzone brings children a safe, brand-new and fun basketball learning experience. The facility offers children ages 2-12 years old, a safe, clean and fun place to run, jump, shoot and learn. NBA Playzone helps young fans develop basic sports skills and fosters important values like teamwork and determination through a variety of basketball-inspired play areas and activities. Children will able to develop through an elaborate program that takes them from the simplest exercises to higher character development such as team work and strategic thinking. This is a content rich family entertainment centre that not only provides children with exciting play areas, but also structured and established training programs. NBA mascots make regular appearances at NBA Playzone, delighting parents and children alike with their comedic routines while teaching children the basics of fitness, nutrition and basketball.
    Stores that have opened: Shanghai Xintiandi Binhudao Shopping Mall, Beijing Chaoying BHG Mall, Chengdu Global Center, Tianjin Delight City Shopping Mall.
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  • ABCD's of NBA Playzone

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    Always Fun

    An NBA themed immersive playground with colourful NBA team themed play areas, and a busy program with mascot performances, crafts, games, activities and more!
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    Building Skills

    Facilities, activities and our basketball training program are designed to help Improve the development of children's physical coordination, strength/ and problem solving and social skills.
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    Cultivating Values

    Help children develop stronger character and confidence, team work, sharing, caring, social skills, communication skills, leadership skills through exercise and play.
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    Developing Wellness

    NBA Playzone is committed to help children develop an overall wellness physically and mentally.
  • Development Programs by NBA Playzone

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    Early Years (0-6 yrs)

    LEARN THROUGH PLAY — Through play and games, improve language, perceptual thinking, social interaction, music, art and physical fitness, etc.


    0~3 years old is the golden period of rapid development of brain and physical fitness. The Early Years physical fitness class brings together children's various abilities to create a golden future for your children. Countless children and millions of families will benefit from our courses.

  • Basketball Training (3-12 yrs)

    LEARN THROUGH PLAY —— Educate and have fun. Combine with training to improve training efficiency.

    1. The NBA has strategically cooperated with the Ministry of Education of China to develop a popular and elite curriculum system suitable for the physical and mental development of Chinese youth and children. Covering 2,796 youth campus basketball focused schools across the country, with more than 2 million students in total.
    2. Introducing the advanced concepts of American-style basketball training and competitions, with focus on combining play with training. Foreign instructors are paired with Chinese trainers during classes and all instructors are qualified with official certifications.
    3. Our programs are based on sports physiology, sports training, etc., with targeted courses and smart wearable devices that will be provided according to the children's age and technical level.
    4. We also offer basketball winter and summer camps and special training camps in the United States.
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    NBA Playzone

    Development Plan

    At present, 4 flagship stores have been opened, and 10 more stores are in the pipeline nationwide within 3 years.

    Target areas include
    Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Dongguan, Foshan, Xiamen, Ningbo

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    Beijing Store

    Beijing Chaoyang District

    BHG Changying Mall

    East Area, 2nd Floor, No. 17

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    Shanghai Store

    Shanghai Huangpu District

    150 Hubing Rd.

    Hubin Rd. Mall

    2nd Floor(Jinan Rd. Side)

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    Tianjin Store

    Tianjin Nankai District

    Delight City

    1st Floor, Store 36C
    166 2253 5608

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    Chengdu Store

    Chengdu Gaoxin District

    1700 Tianfu Boulevard North

    Global Centre

    S2(Close to Intercontinenal Hotel)