• Projects Invested, Developed and Operated by Benchmark

  • Florentia Village

    Florence Themed Designer Outlet

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    • Recognized as one of the most successful outlet projects in the world with the an incomparable lie-up of designer brands and world class operation standard
    • The sales performance of the Florentia Village Outlets throughout China have repeatedly ranked first in the country's outlets

    Operation status of Wuqing project

    • PRADA, FENDI, GUCCI, VERSACE, BURBERRY and more than 200 European and American designer brands
    • In 2020, the sales reached 4.2 billion yuan, with total annual traffic reaching 7 million
    • The cumulative tax payment of the project company since its opening is about 1.1 billion yuan (excluding the 250 imported brand stores that pay considerable taxes each year)
    • After the COVID-19 epidemic, turnover has skyrocketed. During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2020, sales have increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2019, reaching a turnover of more than 200 million yuan in 8 days.
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    Benchmark Development and Management’s family affiliate company is the founding partner of Florentia Village Luxury Outlets Mall, a joint venture with major US investment fund, Italian and Hong Kong Investors. The first Florentia Village has developed a 60,000 sqm, high-end, luxury outlets mall, located between Beijing and Tianjin in China. Opened on June 9th, 2011, this premium outlets centre has over 300 retail stores including top the line luxury brands such as PRADA, FENDI, GUCCI, VERSACE, BURBERRY etc. Florentia Village Jing-Jin Luxury Outlets Mall is characterized by Italian adjacent to the Wuqing train station of the Jing-Jin Intercity high-speed railway. In 2019, the annual sales of Florentia Village Jing-Jin Outlets reached RMB 4 billion, equivalent to USD590 million. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Wuhan and Chengdu Florentia Village were opened on January 22nd, 2015, September 24th 2015, February 18th, 2017, July 5th, 2017, and December 13th 2017 respectively. Florentia Village Outlets plans to expand to other major cities of China and Southeast Asia. Chongqing is under construction and opening in year 2021.The annual revenue is estimated to reach RMB 13 billion.

  • V1 Auto World

    China’s Premiere End-to-End Automobile Destination Integrating World Class Motorsports with Innovative Automotive Commerce and Leisure

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    • Outstanding "Sports Service Complex" of the State General Administration of Sports
    • One of Tianjin Sports Industry Selected Representative Project
    • Key construction projects in Tianjin
    • Key Tourism Projects in Tianjin
    • Held the first international NEV SUV Race
    • Introduced country's first unmanned aerial vehicle research and development base
    • The first China Automobile Research Institute with wind measurement test site in the northern region of the country
    • The country's first electric vehicle modification development project
    • Created the first ever F1 championship racing museum in the country

    Project scale

    • The total area of the project is 500,000 square meters
    • The total construction area of the project is 600,000 square meters
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    The V1 Auto World project, is jointly invested and developed by Waitex Group family affiliate company and Sino-Ocean Group, it occupies over 650,000 sqm of building space with total land area of approximately 600,000 sqm. V1 International Circuit is an FIA certified G2 Grade race track. At 4.2km long, the length of the longest straight is 800m, able to hold races that require a longer track length for non-FIA sanctioned races. There are multiple large-scale brand experience centres, one of the largest O2O second hand luxury auto trade service centre, an exclusive car collectors club, auto performance tuning and modification, treatment and repair services workshops, automobile culture museum and exhibition, large motor show venue, road safety driving training centre, professional karting track, auto theme park and development centre. From electric cars to self driving cars to car sharing, China is on the cusp of a revolution in the automobile industry, and V1 Auto World will be in the forefront of this revolution.

  • Creativo Lifestyle Mall

    Milan Themed Designer Lifestyle Mall

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    • In 2017, Creativo won the Architectural Design Award nominated by UNESCO and the International Federation of Architects (Europe and Central Asia) in the Prix Versailles International Architecture Competition in France.
    • The project regularly holds a night market, with a daily flow of 2-3 million people, making it one of the most prosperous venues in Tianjin’s night market economy.
      Selected as "Intangible Heritage Experience Tour Route" in the 2020 Tongwu Gallery Cultural Exchange Season
    • National AAA Scenic Area Application Project
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    Waitex Group’s family affiliate company, is a founding partner in a joint venture with Hong Kong’s largest private enterprise Nanfung Group, has invested in and developed Creativo Designer Lifestyle Experience Mall. The project is located in Tianjin, Wuqing. The project has a total area of 180,000 sqm, with a building area of 50,000 sqm in the first phase, and was opened in the third quarter of 2016. Creativo will be a true lifestyle destination for shopping, entertainment, dining and leisure.


    In 2017, Creativo was awarded Prix Versailles in Paris for excellence in mall architectural design. The award is promoted by UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (Europe and Central Asia section).


    The Prix Versailles is an annual award dedicated to commercial architecture which was inaugurated in 2015. Discerned at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)in Paris, it encompasses several categories, with the winners being selected by an independent judges panel. It is the world architecture award for stores, hotels and restaurants.