• Setting the Benchmark

    Benchmark Development and Management (BDM) provides 360 degrees expert solution for commercial and residential property development and management.


    The expert team at BDM has a proven track record of over 30 years experience in commercial properties development and operation in North America, Europe and Asia. From project planning, development, design and construction to leasing, marketing and operations management, BDM’s all-round team of experts will provide clients with professional advice in every stage of their project development and operation, producing cost effective results that give investors sustainable growth and return.


    As of the end of 2017, the total value of the investment projects in China from Waitex Group Companies and BDM was about RMB30 Billion and the total assets under management were about RMB50 Billion.

  • Advantages of Benchmark

    Perfect Blend of International and Local Development Experience

    Benchmark Management and Development is composed of a team of International personnel with decades of experience in commercial property development, from design, leasing, operation, to asset management. Additionally, this team has had extensive experience developing projects and successful track record in China, involved right from the beginning in land acquisition, government liaison, construction management to project operation and beyond.

    Extensive Reach and Experience with Brands

    Waitex Group has worked with numerous fashion and sports brands for decades in the United States, Europe and in China as a service provider, buyer, and also as a license holder. We have built 40 years of relationships with many of the most well known brands in the world. Such close working relationship with the brands combining with the brand database of the experienced leasing team at BDM, has allowed BDM to provide developers, investors and partners with an extensive selection of brands and IP applicable for a wide variety of project positioning; and most importantly, the confidence in the signing and implementation of these brands into their projects.

    Hand-on and Involved

    Benchmark Management and Development is more than a commercial property development consultant, BDM is also a potential long term joint investment partner, with extensive project operation and asset management experience. From facilities management, to commercial real estate operations, to retail operations, Benchmark has spent decades with hands on operational experience in all areas of commercial property and retail and residential. This means BDM will be directly and actively involved with any partnering projects, fully dedicated to creating a quality project with sustainable growth and return.

  • Services

    The suite of services provided by BDM are tailored specifically to each individual project, whether as a consultant, investor, developer or full management operator. Benchmark Development and Management aims to provide clients world class, end to end solutions and management in property, retail and brand consultant services.


    BDM is continually expanding it’s repertoire of over 2,500 internationally renowned brand resources across various commercial and retail categories. Additionally, BDM also invests and self-operates over 30 renowned brands in Asia, working closely with the brand on business development, strategy and expansion of their business into Asia. BDM has extensive retail, commercial and strategic experience across many commercial categories including: fashion, automobile, sports, entertainment, home living & furniture, lifestyle retail brands and F&B.

    Project Development

    • Project feasibility and positioning
    • Business strategy and development
    • Project planning and budgeting 
    • Project design and contruction
    • Project management, QA and cost control
    • Project Site


    • Brand and category mix, adjacency and location strategy development
    • Office building project tenant strategy development
    • Leasing strategy planning and implementation
    • Leasing training
    • Tenant contract and negotiation
    • Tenant connection and management

    Asset Management

    • Strategy consultant
    • Investment strategy analysis and investment plan
    • Pre-project consultant
    • Market research
    • Project rental agency
    • Property and asset management


    • Development phase
    • Project branding and positioning or rebranding and repositioning
    • Marketing research (feasibility, positioning, asset management)
    • Marketing stratery development
    • Project awareness and opening campaign
    • Marketing SOP, team setup and training
    • Loyalty program development
    • Operation phase
    • Marketing strategy and budgeting
    • Loyalty program setup
    • Crisis management 


    • Development phase
    • SOP and backend systems setup
    • Pre-opening preparations
    • Team setup
    • Operation phase
    • Retail performance monitoring and improvement
    • Security, cleaning and maintenance operation

    Retail and Brand Management

    • Retail operations
    • China brand entry strategy
    • Sales channel distribution
    • Supply chain logistic services
    • Purchase order receivable financing
  • Our Projects

    A brief showcase of projects that we have worked on, and currently developing.

    Florentia Village

    Waitex’s family affiliate company is the founding partner of Florentia Village Luxury Outlets Mall, a joint venture with Fingen, GAW Capital, and a major US investment fund. The first Florentia Village has developed a 60,000 sqm, high-end, luxury outlets mall located between Beijing and Tianjin in China. Opened on June 9th, 2011 this premium outlets centre has over 200 retail stores including top of the line luxury brands such as PRADA, FENDI, GUCCI, VERSACE, BURBERRY etc. Florentia Village Jing-Jin Luxury Outlets Mall is characterized by Italian adjacent to the Wuqing train station of the Jing-Jin Intercity high-speed railway. In 2016, the annual sales of Florentia Village Jing-Jin Outlets reached RMB 3.6 billion, equivalent to USD 446 million. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Wuhan and Chengdu Florentia Village were opened on January 22nd, 2015, September 24th 2015, February 18th, 2017, July 5th, 2017, and December 13th 2017 respectively. Florentia Village Outlets plans to expand to other major Chinese cities, including Chongqing etc. After all of the operating projects are opened, the annual revenue is estimated to reach RMB 10 billion by 2018.


    Waitex Group’s family affiliate company, is a founding partner in a joint venture with Hong Kong’s largest private enterprise Nanfung Group, has invested in and developed Creativo Designer Lifestyle Experience Mall. The project is located in Tianjin, Wuqing. The project has a total area of 180,000 sqm, with a building area of 50,000 sqm in the first phase, and was opened in the third quarter of 2016. Creativo will be a true lifestyle destination for shopping, entertainment, dining and leisure.


    In 2017, Creativo was awarded Prix Versailles in Paris for excellence in mall architectural design. The award is promoted by UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (Europe and Central Asia section).


    The Prix Versailles is an annual award dedicated to commercial architecture which was inaugurated in 2015. Discerned at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)in Paris, it encompasses several categories, with the winners being selected by an independent judges panel. It is the world architecture award for stores, hotels and restaurants.

    V1 Auto World

    The V1 Auto World project, is jointly invested and developing by Waitex Group family affiliate company and Sino-Ocean Group, it will occupy over 650,000 sqm of building space with total land area of approximately 600,000 sqm. V1 International Circuit will be a FIA certified G2 Grade race track. At 3.5km long, the length of the longest straight is 800m. The track can also be extended to 4.3km, allowing flexibility to hold races that require a longer track length for non-FIA sanctioned races. There are multiple large-scale brand experience centres, one of the largest O2O second hand luxury auto trade service centre, an exclusive car collectors club, auto performance tuning and modification, treatment and repair services workshops, automobile culture museum and exhibition, large motor show venue, road safety driving training centre, professional karting track, auto theme park and development centre. From electric cars to self driving cars to car sharing, China is on the cusp of a revolution in the automobile industry, and V1 Auto World will be in the front of this revolution.


    Waitex Group’s family affiliate company, is a founding partner with the Hong Kong Shui On Group and fund in investing and developing the Tianjin Veneto project. Adjacent to the Florentia Village, it is a RMB 2 billion investment occupying 150,000 sqm of gross building area. Veneto features over 100 stores of renown brands, hotel, supermarket, cinema and an entertainment centre. The project opened in January of 2015.

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